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Essential tools for U.S. gaming operations

Mazooma enables licensed online gaming merchants in regulated U.S. markets access to the banking system for reliable and secure consumer financial data intelligence and payment processing.

Get proven protection for you and your customers with our patented risk management technology, which uses online banking to verify consumer profile and bank account data before processing payments.

Bank-verified payments – that’s the Mazooma advantage.

Select bank transaction screen
Confirm Bank Account Ownership

Consumers log in to their online banking account as part of a transaction, including completing multi-factor authentication if invoked by the bank.

Bank log in transaction screen
Validate Bank Profile Data

Once logged in, Mazooma validates that the consumer information–name, zip code, etc.–provided to the merchant matches their profile with the bank.

Approve transaction screen
Verify Bank Account Balance

Mazooma verifies that there are enough funds in the consumer’s account to complete the payment, and terminates the transaction if there are insufficient funds.

Payment approved screen
Process Bank Payment

Mazooma completes end-to-end payment processing–clearing, settling, and reconciliation–and sends real-time confirmation of payment success to merchants through the API.

Product Features

Mazooma’s product features deliver high consumer conversion.

Easy 3-step Process icon

Easy to Use

Intuitive, straightforward transaction flows with 3 easy steps: bank selection, bank login, and approval.

Multiple Processing Banks icon

Bank Redundancy

Multiple direct processing bank relationships ensure reliability and redundancy for merchants and consumers.

Closed Loop icon

Closed Loop

Consumers begin and end their payment on the merchant site, with no out-of-transaction verification or account setup steps.

Bank Support icon

Bank Support

Mazooma supports consumer accounts at all banks and financial institutions in the U.S.

Device-agnostic icon

Everywhere Access

Transaction screens use responsive design for an optimized user experience on any device–mobile, desktop, or tablet.

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Mazooma leverages the inherent security of online banking, and does not store or share consumers’ login credentials.

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